***************** Under Construction *****************

Fossil Databases

This is a collection of Fossil Databases I am putting together. It is under pretty heavy construction right now, but with time I will add more features and the ability for people to add thier own specimens to the collection. I would also like to try and integrate it with wikipedia somehow, though I have'nt decided on the details yet. Another feature I would like to add is google map integration. If I can get Lat & Long data for all the entries, I will make a dynamic google map which will plot all fossil locations on a map and allow users to search geographically.

If you have any questions, suggestestions, comments, etc, feel free to contact me.

Hominid Database
Database of hominid fossil evidence and information
This page is the beginnings of a database that will make available information on each fossilized skeleton given by scientists as evidence for the evolution of humans.

Dinosaur Database
Vertibrate Mesozoic fossil evidence for dinosaurs
This database will eventually contain thousands of pictures and illustrations of mesozoic dinosaurs. At the moment it contains a few hundred entries. I will post more as I find the data.

Trace Fossils
University of Utah Ichnology Fossil Collection
Temporary Testing location for Tony Ekdale's Ichnology collection housed at the University of Utah. The collection may be one of the largest currently assembled, containing over three thousand specimens.